100% Performance

Leads, Web & Mobile Traffic, Fans, Engagements


Game as a real Media : 1st tool to collect qualified datas

Game is the most natural communication language


  • 62%

    of consumers best remember ads when they are Games and Contests.

  • 3X

    more engagements comes from Ads that includes Games and Contests.

  • 53%

    of players come back and buy on the website of the brand.



Our levers of Acquisition

No fixed costs, 100% Performance











Ad Campaigns

Acquire new Leads, Fans, Engagements, Mobile App Installs
with targeted and qualified traffic


  • Social Media Ads

    With over 46 minutes spent per day per user, social networks have become powerful advertising levers to reach highly targeted and qualified profiles.

  • Display

    Banners that includes Games and Contests get an average CTR 50% higher. Take advantage of our Web and Mobile Ad network to deliver your brand message on millions of impressions.

  • Emailing

    72% of consumers prefer receive promotional offers through email. Grow your Email Database thanks to our network of over 20 million adresses..




100% Successful Advertising Campaigns

Creation, Monitoring & Optimization


  • Set up & Design

    Our team designs for your brand : graphics, texts, tracking management to create your ads campaigns using all the best practices specific to each channel of acquisition. We leverage our experience on thousands of campaigns to guarantee every client full service advertising.

  • Media Planning & Buying

    Every successful campaign starts with a clear vision of the brand-specific objectives and wanted KPIs. Our team plans and executes all the steps needed to effectively buy media space : timing, target groups, formats and auctions.

  • Media Optimization & Reporting

    To ensure permanently optimization, the analytical monitoring of your campaigns is managed in real real time through our media control plarform. Our goal: minimize the acquisition cost and maximize your ROI.



Targeting Criteria

Reach your Core Target


  • Geographical

    Targeting by country, region and city.
  • Demographic

    Targeting by gender, age, education etc…
  • Device

    Targeting on Web, Mobile and Os.


  • Custom Audience

    File import to reengage
    identified audiences and lookalike audience
  • Interests

    Targeting by interests
    (Products, Habits, competing Brands etc…)
  • Behaviours

    Targeting on behaviour use and purchase.



Over 100 campaigns launched every month

Our team is certified Facebook Blueprint & Twitter Flight School