• 145 days left : 10 marketing campaigns ideas to surf on Euro 2016!

    idées de campagnes de jeu marketing pour l'euro 2016

    It’s the final countdown! France welcomes the UEFA Euro 2016 the 10th of june for the third time after more than 30 years. This main event of 2016 should bring together 2,5M supporters, 7 to 8 M of fans and 1,2 billions of euros. A priority for any brand! Adictiz offers you 10 gaming campaigns […]

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  • Système U – the Inside Out Photo Contest

    jeu marketing vice versa système u avec adictiz box

    For the Epiphany 2016, Système U surfs on the success of the Pixar movie Inside Out, and offers an engaging and playful Photo Contest to its community.   Users are invited to join the brand Facebook community before accessing the gameplay. A great way to collect leads and to boost its virality!   In a […]

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  • Willemse France – the Slot Machine

    jeu concours willemse france avec adictiz box

    Willemse France offers a new Instant Win gaming campaign to its community to win prizes before Christmas.   After filling a quick form, users try their luck on a branded Slot Machine. A great way to collect qualified leads!   Offering attractive prizes such as an Ipad or gift-cards allows Willemse France to promote its […]

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  • The Sauvegarde du Nord – “Tu t’y connais en Alcool?” Quiz

    jeu prévention alcool hubsanté avec adictiz box

    The  Sauvegarde du Nord has just launched an Adictiz Box Quiz to educate young people about the negative consequences of drinking.   Users answer 10 questions concerning alcohol and its effects to test their knowledge. The correct and detailed answear explains the situation right after every question. A great way to inform its community in […]

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  • La Redoute – The Good Dinosaur

    jeu marketing arlo la redoute avec adictiz box

    For the cinema release of The Good Dinosaur, new Disney Pixar production, La Redoute offers a Memory gameplay to its community.   Users associate similar pictures of the animated Good Dinosaur in time to win prizes. Participants try their luck everyday to beat their score and increase their ranking. A winner a day is chosen […]

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  • Peugeot Sponsoring – The Video Quiz

    jeu marketing tennis peugeot sponsoring avec adictiz box

    Peugeot Sponsoring has launched a video Quiz to promote its partnership with the ATP World Tour, Association of Tennis Professionals.   After filling a quick form, participants have one shot to answer correctly the question concerning Novak Djokovic’s car in the video. The prize to be won is the tennis player’s shirt. An efficient way […]

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  • Havas Sport & Entertainment – Audience Award 2015

    jeu concours femme en or avec adictiz box

    Havas Sport & Entertainment values its engagement in the cause of women and promotes its “Femme en or” (golden women) contest, flagship event for more than 20 years, with an Adictiz Box gaming campaign dedicated to the Audience Award election!   The Golden Women contest highlights exemplary women which achievements are advancing our society.  The […]

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  • D17 – Alone the survivors

    jeu marketing D17 avec adictiz box

    D17 TV channel has launched a gaming campaign for the release of its extrem new program Alone: Les survivants !   Following the example of the 10 lonely survivors with a camera to film into the wild, users are invited to live an adventure and to catch a maximum of  survival objects in the backpack […]

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  • Bizzbee – The wishlist

    jeu wishlist bizzbee avec adictiz box

    Bizzbee is using our new Shopping-List gameplay in preview for its Christmas campaign!   The brand invites fans to create their shopping list for Christmas and try to win their ideal Bizzwishlist. Participants choose their favorite Bizzbee’s clothes among the different categories selected by the brand and make their list with a simple drag&drop. Ideal […]

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  • Lidl France – The handball game

    jeu marketing handball lidl avec adictiz box

    For the release of the game Handball 16, Lidl France chain of stores has just launched a Handball Facebook game to promote its status as official supplier of the National League of Handball!   After filling a quick form, users are invited to join the brand Facebook and Twitter communities to benefit from all the […]

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